An Oasis from the Modern Hustle Gives Young Learners Deep Roots

Kimberton Waldorf School offers students a place to shine.

May 9, 2024

Every parent knows the magic of childhood is fleeting; we blink and they've reached yet another mile stone.  Life in 2024 can mean cutting edge tech and kids on the go. But did you know there's a place where life rolls a bit slower?  Where Kindergarteners arrive at school, drop their bags and take to the forest for the day?  When outdoor time, nature and purposeful learning are prioritized? Where elementary students learn with no screentime? A place where gardening, farming and beekeeping are part of the curriculum?  Where the school's sense of community is considered foundational? Kimberton Waldorf School offers all of that and more. 

Built on the principles of developmental education, KWS offers a high quality, private education to a small cohort of students each year.  A broad curriculum includes a foreign language introduction in first grade, art, music, literature, and even wood working.  The campus spans 400+ acres, giving access to a variety of natural ecosystems for close up examination as well as play.  Proud of the balanced curriculum a Waldorf education offers, they are most definitely not "fad" chasers.  Kimberton uses a well-established system to nurture learners from preschool through 12th grade.  But fear not, consistency never means life is stagnant here.  KWS educators take every opportunity to connect their students with nature, from overnight farm trips to star gazing camping adventures.  Hands on learning is the default setting whenever and wherever possible- after all, we know kids learn best by doing!  

Small class sizes ensure each student is given plenty of individual attention. They also afford teachers the opportunity to deep dive into the rich family traditions and integrate aspects student's culture into the curriculum.  For example, the current 3rd grade class just completed a Chinese New Year writing project thanks to a parent who speaks Mandarin and tutored the class.  At Kimberton, parents and grandparents are highly encouraged to be a part of the cooperative educational community- down to lending a hand in the organic, from-scratch kitchen!  Students really taste the love at lunch time because meals are often prepared with the special chef assistants like Mom or Grandpa! 

The lower school is truly a magical experience.  Wooden desks are housed in a cozy environment alongside teachers who become like family; progressing along with each cohort of students from first through 8th grades. This method eliminates the weeks it normally takes for students and teachers to get to know each other at the beginning of a new school year.  Each fall, the teachers are already familiar with the group's individual learning styles, behaviors, interests, strengths, challenges, group dynamic... the list goes on and on.

The Kimberton Waldorf School is now enrolling for the 24-25 academic year.  You can learn more at their website, but to truly understand Kimberton, you must visit it for yourself.  It's a feeling that goes beyond a list of accolades and simply has to be experienced..  Register for their next Discover event where you can see students and teachers in action on an in-depth tour. 

Kimberton Waldorf School

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