Calling all Preschoolers! Need a Mid Summer Mix Up?

Crafterinas at The Dance Effect PAC are the perfect way to add a little fun to your week!

May 7, 2024

Summer days will soon be here and boy ohh boy, we can't wait!   It's an adventure everyday and we're here for it.  As you plan out your summer, save a few days for Crafterina.  In between all the summer park days and swimming, it can be nice to have a new activity to spice it up a bit.  The Dance Effect's Crafterina hours offer just that.  Dancers will enjoy a one hour drop off session where they will craft, play, and of course- DANCE!  

Parents love Crafterinas for a few reasons.  

1). Drop off.  you get an hour free to run an errand, catch up on emails in the lobby, or just zen.  

2). BIG burst of energy release.  Kiddos need to let it out and a morning at Crafterina will do just that! 

3). FUN!  Your child will love spending time with kids their age and having a general blast.

4). Socialization.  Being around others, taking turns, making friends- it's all crucial developmentally.

5). Great practice for fall.  If your child is gearing up for their first day of school next fall, Crafterinas can serve as a perfect "soft launch".  Dancers attend unassisted, but you can wait in the lobby or have them get used to you leaving the building for a bit.  They get to learn "Mom always comes back" on a small scale before the start of school. 

Crafterina Details:

  •  60 minutes of fun
  • Ages 3-5
  • Dance, craft, perform
  • Themed events
    • June 11th "Bowtastic" (5:30pm)
    • July 16th "Adopt Me" (9:30am)
    • August 13th "Magical Mermaids" (9:30am)
  • Cost is $20, sign up for multiple dates and save! 

$20 - 1 Crafterina

$36 - 2 Crafterinas

$48 - 3 Crafterinas

Learn more and sign up here! 

The Dance Effect PAC

3563 Schuylkill Road
Spring City, PA 19475


Phone: (484) 938-8793

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