Farewell, Old Friend

Collegeville says goodbye to a local staple after 50 years.

June 14, 2024

On Monday, June 17th, the beloved local favorite produce store, Jim & Ralph's, will close their doors for the final time. A PennDOT project has the state claiming the land under eminent domain. The brothers, who took over the business from their father (Jim) and uncle (Ralph) do not currently have plans to reopen in a new location due to costs.  Jim & Ralph's supplies produce to many local restaurants, so even if you're not a regular patron of the store, chances are you've eaten their produce at some point.  It's a true loss to the community, who will miss their quality products, affordable prices and outstanding customer service. 

 I didn't know I could mourn a grocery store, but sometimes life surprises you.  Jim & Ralph's has become a staple in our home since we moved to Montgomery County in 2018.  New to the area and looking for good deals, Jim & Ralph's has filled our bellies with all the fresh fruits and veggies for 6 years. Through all seasons of life, pandemics, and an increasing number of kids- they've been a constant.   As my family grew, so did our produce hauls. Jim & Ralph's commitment to quality and low prices helped our family immensely.  Where else can you get 3lbs of honey crisp apples for $3.00 or two containers of cherry tomatoes for $1.00?! My kids love fresh berries and melons.  My bank account thanks Jim & Ralph's for keeping the fruit monsters appeased without breaking the bank. On a side note, hats off to the kids who love bananas; cheap, available all yearlong and filling- lucky parents, indeed!

What I'll miss most are the friendly faces always greeted my kids and I as they excitedly asked for "nanas, orangies, crisp grapes, & peppers- not the green ones!"  The owners work along side their dedicated staff to fill each customers order, smile and share a kind word with the kiddos, and never failing to carry boxes of produce to the car for a mom wrangling toddlers.  My girls love grabbing a ticket and waiting for our number to be called, hoping we get "Mr. Steve" when it's our turn. They love trips to the produce store and I love never ceasing to be amazed (and grateful) at our total come checkout.  Today we made our final trip and it hit me just how much I will miss my small-town-feel produce store. So thank you, Jim & Ralph's for 50 years of dedication to our community and 6 years of excellent service to my family in particular.  

If you already know how wonderful the store is, be sure to swing by this weekend and stock up one last time.  If you've never been, take a trip & support this local gem.  Let's send these guys out with a bang, they certainly deserve it!

Jim & Ralph's Produce

 3941 Ridge Pike

Collegeville, PA 19426