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Five great reasons why kids should try tennis.

June 14, 2024

Summer Camp season is officially upon us!  Whether you have a budding tennis pro at home, a novice, or a kid who's never held a racquet before; there's a place for them at Kinetix Tennis this summer.  Campers will spend thier summer having loads of fun with new friends.  They'll learn techniques and skills, complete challenging team activities, play matches, and explore a variety of tennis themed games making each day interesting!  Join the team at Kinetix Tennis Kids Tennis Camp, where passion meets play, and young athletes become champions both on and off the court! 

If you find yourself wondering "why tennis?", here are five excellent reasons why all kids should give tennis a shot:

1. Physical Fitness: Tennis is a fantastic way for kids to stay active, improve coordination, and build endurance. The dynamic movements on the court keep kids engaged and energized. 

2. Social Interaction: Tennis is a social sport. Children make friends, learn teamwork, and develop communication skills while rallying across the net. 

3. Mental Agility: Tennis requires strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and adaptability. It's like a chess match with a racket! 

4. Lifelong Skill: Learning tennis early equips children with a skill they can enjoy throughout their lives. Whether they play casually or competitively, tennis stays with them. 

5. Fun and Joy: Above all, tennis brings joy. The thrill of hitting a perfect shot, the camaraderie during matches, and the sense of accomplishment—it's all part of the magic of tennis.

Once you've decided on investing in tennis camp, your next choice will have to be "where?".  There are more than a few reasons why Kinetix Tennis is the top choice in our area. In addition to being highly qualified professionals, they also genuinely care about the well-being of campers.  At Kinetix, they take the time to teach your child (at minimum) the basics and then ensure to instill a ton of summer fun.   Let's quickly review a few of the program highlights Kinetix Tennis is particularly proud of:

Inclusive Atmosphere for Children to Shine 

At Kinetix Tennis, we believe that tennis is more than just a sport—it's a community, a passion, and a pathway to growth. Our Kids Tennis Camp in Trooper, PA, embodies this philosophy by fostering an inclusive atmosphere where young players can thrive. Whether they're picking up a racket for the first time or honing their skills, our camp provides a supportive environment that encourages teamwork, friendship, and personal development. 

Top-Rated USTA Organization 

Kinetix Tennis proudly holds the distinction of being a Top 25 USTA Organization in the country. Our commitment to excellence, professional coaching, and exceptional facilities has earned us this prestigious recognition. When your child joins our camp, they become part of a legacy of excellence, surrounded by passionate coaches and fellow players who share their love for the game. 

USTA Commercial Club of the Year 

As if that weren't enough, we've also been named the USTA Commercial Club of the Year. This accolade reflects our dedication to providing outstanding tennis experiences for players of all ages. From our state-of-the-art courts to our vibrant community events, we're committed to making tennis accessible, enjoyable, and enriching. 

The Kinetix Tennis Philosophy

If you look up the definition of Philosophy, you will come across many buzz words like fundamental and discipline. Here at Kinetix Tennis, our philosophy is in alignment with those words. Our philosophy revolves around three core principles: 

1. Fundamentals First: We believe that strong fundamentals are the bedrock of tennis success. Our skilled Tennis Professionals focus on building a solid foundation, ensuring that every player—regardless of age or skill level—learns the essential techniques. 

2. Discipline and Dedication: Tennis requires discipline, practice, and dedication. Our camp instills these values in young players, teaching them the importance of hard work, consistency, and perseverance. 

3. A Seamless Experience: Every time a child steps onto our courts, we want them to have a seamless experience. Our Tennis Professionals create a learning environment tailored to each player's level, ensuring growth, enjoyment, and progress.

If you're ready to sign up for a week or three of tennis camp, click here.  Have questions or want to learn more about the program? Visit or contact Vincent Giannone at

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